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Producing consistently high return for clients while minimizing risk.

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Principal Objective

Produce a consistently high return for clients above the rate of inflation while minimizing risk. To accomplish this, we feel a need to turn from traditional approaches. In a rapidly changing economic environment, we need a strategy that will give us a comprehensive understanding of developing market trends, as well as the particular knowledge necessary to select investments that will appreciate faster than inflation. Equally important, we need the liquidity to change our holdings with changing market situations.

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Investment Overview

We manage money on a discretionary basis investing in a broad spectrum of common stocks as well as fixed income vehicles to reach our primary goal to produce long-term capital gains. The strategy we have selected is international in scope. After carefully reviewing world events that can impact the national economy or specific industries, we have the flexibility to move into international equities. Because of this strategy, we hopefully will be able to avoid the recurrent downswings in the U.S. bond and equity markets.

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